The Essence of a poem

We all have different points of writing view.
Mine are shared by people who write well to.
First thing all must remember,and I try to teach,
you write to your audiences comprehension reach!

Who's going to read uncomprehending babble,
if your word structure is in a mega-scramble?
If your words don't flow like milk into a glass,
it becomes like a lawn that has weeds in it's grass!

You first must learn proper English by using the basics goods.
Good punctuation, good sentence structure, are in the should,
followed by, good flow, good theme, good paragraph structure,
words in correct sentence pretense. past, present, and future!

Round it out with good similes, and metaphors throughout,
and I assure you it will be rated five star with no doubt!
Do all these things for audience to understand & comprehend,
and your on your way to writing true poetry my friend!

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    This Poems Story

    This is what 45 years of writing has taught me, I'm not yet a Master of poetry writing I'm more a journeyman learning everyday.....but I see so many good idea poems...with such bad flow and no punctuation and capitalizing the first word of each line..folks....if it's a continuation of the previous line to finish a sentence use a comma on the end of the previous line and for God sake......the next lines first word.... PLEASE DON"T CAPITALIZE IT!!!! destroys the flow of the poem English you only capitalize the first word of a sentence and any word you want to show as what I call power words (profanity, and months, names, and the word I). Capitalizing each line means you've started a knew sentence idea....but you haven't! I know about the modern idea of taught here that you don't need any of what I preach it's called Free Form Poetry....well guess what? It's all Crapola bad poetry! Think I'm wrong? Well that's your right. But for the past five total months I've had a constant rating in the Top Poems of no less than 14 out of the Top 16 poems listed. That speaks volumes if you ask me.