The Eternal Light

Within imperfect vessel mortal,
gleams in its resplendent glory,
the eternal brilliance ethereal
of a valiant, heavenly stranger,
who wanders in a carnal world
of dismal desolation.
Through turbid depths of trepidation
he descends into the abyss of tribulation
wherein the fiery fury of adversity abides.
Unabated, undeterred, the indomitable soul
transcends the adversary's agony,
enshrouded in felicity effulgent.
Unlike ephemeral, capricious passion
which withers in the tumult of tomorrow,
from hallowed halls of holiness immaculate,
the fervent ardor of divine devotion
illuminates within my spirit the triumphant hope
of serenity
of tranquility
of aeonian eternity.

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