The Evergreen

The lone evergreen stands,
Surrounded by tall elms.
In the heat

The squirrels and birds find shelter
Within their branches.

As the season changes,
The wind whistles through the needles.
The colors on the elms begin to change,

Turning pink,
And orange.

But the evergreen stays green.

The weather gets colder and the
Trees lose their leaves.
But the evergreen still
Stays full and green.

Frost starts to form,
And the tall elms
Are naked and bare.

They stretch like skeletons
Reaching towards the sky.

The evergreen stays vibrant.
While the others are
Dormant and asleep
The evergreen stands

Come Christmas time
It gets chopped down.
Adorned in glass balls,
Strings of light,
And garland.

A shiny star sits at the top.
Presents get laid under the tree.
Families sing carols
In front of a toasty

The tree’s needles litter the floor.

Time comes for the festivities to end.
The tree gets thrown out,

And alone.

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