The Everlasting Rain

Over and over again it replays,
Every time the anger and hatred stays.
Coursing through my veins like acid rain-
Everything goes numb, so I don't feel the pain.
I see anger suffices the weak at heart,
And that is where it has its start.
If anger is love disappointed then why is it always there?
I find anger in every sidelong glance and every hard stare.
It is impossible to rid myself of such a feeling;
It overtakes me at times and gets me reeling.
There is always a rise, you think you've seen it all-
When you least expect it, here comes the fall.
It's all so unfair. Who created this?
I know if it were abolished, it is a feeling I wouldn't miss.
If no emotion were present in the human mind
Then everything would be fine and life would seem kind.
For those weak at heart like me,
This feeling-anger-is the worst, unfortunately.
Life keeps on rolling, along even when it seems so wrong.
This road we travel is far too long.
Anger makes time stop in the worst way;
And above all else, its victims have no say.
It steals away all that you've gained
And hand-delivers an everlasting rain.

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