The Evil I Loved

The moment I met you I knew you were trouble
Your eyes chromatic blue Piercing my aching soul
My body froze without flinching a muscle
The moment you opened that door you were in control
Your touch turned into breathtaking lust
Your words into empty hope
love turned into lies and loss of trust
You might as well of hung me with a bladed rope
The fighting turned into yelling
Our words revolved into fierce fist
My black and blue bruises started swelling
Who would of known it would come to this
The evil I saw in those eyes while your hands clutched my throat
Trying to gas for an ounce of air
Thinking how will my daughter ever cope
Knowing her mother would never be there
Slowly losing sight of hope
I made you think I was gone hoping you would give in
The moment you released my life I felt a power within
As I ran down screaming seeing those flashing red and blue lights
In that moment I knew there was a meaning to this mess we call life

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