The Ex-Prison Man’s Wife

It's the man I love you persecute so quickly
I know better than you think just what happened years ago
Do I take it lightly? No!
I am scared every day that people will question me and our children
Make us as a punching bag to make them feel better
Stand before us on a "soapbox" of hatred and venom
We love this ex-prison man don't treat us as offal
I chose this man as my partner, and our children's Father
No sin is greater than another someone reminded me when I met him
It's true now as well as then
God let me friend and fall in love with my ex-prison man
He is kind and gentle, and loves harder than most
Don't be scared of this man who once wore prison orange
He is not the same man you should have been scared of before
He is more scared of you for sure!
Your opinion and thinly veiled dislike are more open than you think
As the ex-prison man's wife I hear these opinions in silence
My heart breaks for him
Why can't they realize things aren't always as they seem.
No he didn't hurt You!
Yes! He is sorry daily for his crime
Stop punishing this man for his past,
And playing the "victim" he didn't hide
It's not your place to be his judge and jury
He has done his time and for it paid dearly
He deserves a life, a family, and job
Why can't you leave us well enough alone? So I will again say
I love my ex-prison man and I am not ashamed!

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