The Ex

The Ex is an amazing friend.
He does the cutest things ever.
The ex is a romantic guy
his love for me is so strong and true.
The ex eyes capture me and I feel
the passion that soothes my heart.
he is one of a kind.
the ex always knows how to make me smile.

The ex makes me feel anger, sadness and happiness all at once
I feel so much confusion around the ex.
I feel like I don't know what to do anymore
I ask myself why I deal with the ex.
The flaw he has complicated my heart;
the ex is such a flirt always.
Even when I moved on the ex says to me I love you.
In the end I lose the strength to endure pain.

What I love about the ex is we used to talk on the phone always
Even though I moved on he is stuck in the past.
The ex always tells me he loves the way I look, my personality
everything about me which complicates my heart.
The ex makes me speechless and complicates the heart.
The ex has so much determination to make me his once again.

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