The Existential Narration

Is life a supreme puzzle?
Is it an unsolved riddle?
Is it really a gift from God
or a test that cuts like a sword?
Is it actually the conquest of evil
or virtue's manifestation in few people?
Is it the nurture of intellect in minds
or disclosure of emotions of all kinds?
Is it the drama that is simply too real
or the gradual opening of fate's seal?
Is it as organized as empirical Science
or a random set of events with no signs?
Is it mere occurrence of tragedies for the pure?
Does it have an equalizer after its tenure?
Isn't throughout history havoc been played?
Is it worth the price that was paid?
Is it only an opportunity for our talents' display
Or a chance to perform deeds that won't go away?
Is world peace only a utopian idea of the naive?
Hasn't this planet been chaotic since Adam & Eve?
Awful is the record of human nature
Is man the most superior creature?
Does religion unveil the mystery
or only plant a rootless tree?
Neither books nor experience gives answers
Knowledge is built on weak pillars
Mystics say that without a clean soul
Thought is deprived of the right role
Uncertainties diminish in the self's mirror
When man goes beyond philosophy's border
When he drowns in the divine love's ocean
When he tastes flavors unknown to reason
However, man cannot understand this
without being in that state's bliss
For most, this discourse makes no sense
But the reward of surrender is immense
I am myself stuck in that zone
where vanity isn't yet blown
Maybe I will never attain that spiritual level
where hearts aren't corrupted by the devil
But I will always acknowledge my insignificance
in front of those who have gone the distance!

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