The extraction

The extraction
Here we are again back at the table
She can no longer patiently wait
The desire to be free from this thing is so real no matter what it takes.
You see her mind and heart began to war through the pain with the assurance that she will never be the same.
DOCTOR She's dressed and ready for surgery
Pieces of the truth cuts her so deep within only to extract the cancer that spreads wildly within.
Her organs seem to be failing she regularly eating her daily bread but the esophagus just can't seem to contain it.
Her mind begins to go there
Back to that place....
15years old girl begging to be free from the world putting all her trust in that cup of bleach
She gave up and decided to drink
her lungs
Struggling to breathe
Inhale exhale
Cloudy and clogged with deception and just enough THC to escape who she really be
You see Annie's hard knock life can't compare to the self-hate, pain, and rejection she forceful bares.
Remove it
Cancer gnawing on the cavity of the heart
Trying its best to get through security
Real love they said she would never find
They told her guys would only want her for her behind. You're not pretty enough
look at you…
Doctor! She's flat lining
Her heart appears to be enlarged but rather weak
They have discovered a hole large enough for the cancer to seep
You see cancerous rejection tries its best to contaminate her love but she just loved even harder
her daddy wasn't there
Longing to be a daddy's little girl but daddy wanted a boy
The only father she got to know was her Heavenly Father who was always there:
Dr. Jesus and head surgeon Father God
Ribs broken by lies tissue ripped by empty broken promises
Leaving the heart all expose
Dr. still no pulse
As her heart takes on a light beat it begins to vomit...coughing up
Every handprint that mi handled her love
Every finger print that took advantage just because
Don't plug it Dr.'s order
let out
Bad blood can’t stay
we need 2 bags of blood
type Christ
Doc what about her liver
How can it break down the old damaged blood cells when it appears to be adulterated?
Looks like alcohol abuse a typical way of avoiding the perversion stemming from the lineage tube
Wait Doctor
She pregnant and the placenta is wrapped in the deceitfulness of many generations
It's imperative that we start an IV
Deception is spreading and attaching itself to everything
There's no way this baby will survive if we don't
Nurse get a 18 gauge IV needle at least gracefully 5 bags of truth
Each bag well flush out equivocation
that should stabilize the body
Reposition and we can go in and extract

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a girl that's bound by issues of her life and past, but she fight for dear life for freedom