The Extreme Seven

With lust we cannot love,
With pride we cannot be helped,
With envy we cannot find our qualities,
With sloth we cannot move forward,
With greed we cannot give,
With gluttony we cannot be content,
With anger we cannot be free,
These words are the extremes,
It's okay to show affection but too much and you'll be overwhelmed,
It's okay to show confidence but too much and you'll become cocky,
It's okay to be jealous but too much and you won't find your self,
Its okay to relax your mind but too much laziness and you won't succeed,
It's okay to push to get your way but too much and you'll become selfish,
It's okay to enjoy leisures but abuse them and you'll become addicted,
And it's okay to let out your inner rage but too much aggression and
you'll become trapped by your own frustration

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This Poems Story

I am sixteen years old and an Australian writer. I grew up between two houses in Coburg and Footsconery, which are rough areas. I have been writing poems since I was ten years old and will continue to do so. I was inspired to write these poems from studying the seven deadly sins. The poem is a philosophy that I velieve will question the way we think about the seven sins.