The Eye

I thought for a while that it all had passed
Now I can see how wrong I was
All around it swirls and storms
From the eye I think of how long it could last

The clear blue skies above me
show how calm it is outside the storm
The sun feels warm and I never want to leave
but the clouds are dark around the eye
and I know I've been deceived

I could stay inside and follow the eye
If I'm fast enough and never rest
The night will be here soon
I guess that'll be the test

The only way out is into the storm
where no one wants to be for too long
I know what it's like from the last time through
It's cold and hard to take the wind
and it's what I have to do

It's nice and safe and lonely in the warmth of the eye
A chance to gather strength to keep moving on
Better yet is the land ahead and so I have to try
more than most and twice as much
as the good times in the eye

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