The eyes

‘There is no such thing as ‘’crazy.’’
That is my only rule.”
‘Crazy’ doesn’t exist.
It is just how far you can think outside of the box.
Perhaps, you always stay in the box and it can fit so much in itself that outside isn’t an option.
Perhaps, as soon as you assume a thought, it is no longer outside of the box.
‘Crazy’ is just another made-up term for people that think so far out of the box that they're too far in…
‘crazy’ doesn’t exist.
‘Crazy’ is just the term people use to describe socially- unacceptable thoughts that people have.
A label, the one label that can not be accurately stowed upon any one person.
‘Crazy’ doesn’t exist.
behind the eyes of every unique person lies their box
‘There is no such thing as ‘’crazy.’’
That is my only rule.

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