The Face Ahead

Knowing your face has made the entire world a blur.
This love is a secret, it whispers silently;
unknown to the surroundings that it has entered so intensely.
We awaited a secret with more to share
as it told us to climb towards the sky.
As the rain fell it became clear
that our eyes knew of a place that we had loved forever.
Time escaped and watched us find what has always been.
Our eyes spoke and never told.
The heart took the hand of that which belongs;
a beat to the heart it was without.
Tears fall and create a passage,
a stream leading into the river from which it flows.
As the drops are felt, the heart pleads for them to fall gently.
The language of the heart cuts through a pulse,
a sound that bleeds; a radiance that is loved by the tears
that follow it.
Our eyes wander aimlessly into the sky,
brightened by a light felt through laughter.
And as we ponder about our living tears,
we listen to the refusal in asking the heart for permission
before they fall.
As our tears have memorized the path which they have fallen,
the eye belonging to the one I love has
resembled the tear I have lost.

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