The Face of Fear

He suffocates me while laughing,
Holding down my mind again.
My arms pinned above my head.
His fingers touch my heart,
As I scream-- just let me go!
Once, I thought I’d got away but--
He changed his face.
He’s back again.
Here again.
Not this again.
I’m afraid again.
God save me please,
I need a friend.
He won’t let go-
Just let me go-
I beg you God,
Take me away.
Hold me again.

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Key Words : fear, face

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This Poems Story

at the time i wrote this, fear felt to me like someone i couldnt run away from. or, when i did run from it, and i felt i was safe, something else took on the face of fear. as a child it was childish things, but then as i grew older, i became afraid of new things. paralyzing fear is fear though. whatever form it takes. and sometimes it feels as if youre pinned up and cant run anymore. someone who laughs when they catch you, knowing that you never could really run in the first place. its... (kind of a dark explanation i know). i wrote this at a very fearful moment/time. though what i was afraid of at the time is now passed, one day ill come face to face with another fear that feels like it traps me. and the only one who can save me is God.