The Face

Ready and desperate
But still alone and brave
How we should all live
In order to know when it's time to be afraid
You hide your second face
The one that bears the all the weight
It was easier as a kid, to everyone it was just a phase
But as you grow older, the facial transition fades
Those faces start to merge but the one once hidden
Starts to make its appearance and is very livid
No longer does it fit behind that mask
It has its own ego
You try to desperately to peel it off
As it cries out "What about all we've been through?"
You start to feel remorse, but this is the dropoff
This is the face that you needed to hide
The one that always stood by your side
Felt all the pain and received all the hate
But really you are the one to blame
After all, you put yourself in all those situations
Some say it's not fair to shame the victims
But are you not the one who shed the neglect?
In the end, the face has won, better yet
All along this face was your only one, it never left

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