The Faceless One

Hello, my name is faceless one.
It's a pleasure to meet you.
Though I cannot say that I'll be here very long
My heart is an open book of memory logs
that time and time again sink into a fog
I let others inside and share my insight
but it only lingers for a fortnight
before it fades into a memory
because you won't remember me.
But I will remember you, and someday, I'll see your face again
but you won't ever say hi because we were never friends
and just like that, a moment that once filled me with bliss,
becomes a forsaken memory disappearing into the abyss.
It's because I'm cursed, you see
sick with the remedy of twisted underrated memory
No one can recall a moment so unimportant, except for me
I'll never be able to forget those who speak to me
Their faces and words, they never left my mind
so every now and then, I still think about these stranger's kind
Perhaps they're reminded of me sometimes too
though the doubt creeps heavily on my soul, which conveys, "It's too good to be true".
I'll never find the answer to which I seek,
for to a faceless one like me, they'll never again speak.

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