The Faces of Religion

The many faces of religion,
I've seen the knowledge of them-
To me, Christ has given.
Them to be no different than the Ancient Jews
In manmade things, their trust they put in.
Peace: always seeking, but finding never.
A god Mormons think they worship...
But in a prophet, their devotion is found.
Sikhs-their trust in one god they put in,
But to them, they see one god all religions believe.
Hindus are found kneeling before Ganesh, praying;
But no answer is found coming.
Buddhists praying to Buddha-hours they spend praying-
But silent, the answer comes.
To Allah, Muslims pray; the descendants of Ishmael they are to be.
But a nation to be chosen...the Jews Christ has chosen.
In a lie, they believe the searching of the truth
never seems to be important; but the reality of the picture?
To one day find truth in their hearts.
Christ: I have no other God of importance.
With Christ, the truth is I find no other prophet
Necessary to follow.
Christ seeks and saves-
Disciples He makes, and
Beyond Him is found nothing greater.

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