The FairyFail

By Sirena   

Once upon a time, there was a girl full of laughter, all she ever wanted was her happy ever after.
So maticulous about who she dated, you walked through the door and she almost fainted.
Fell in love, went straight to the heart, not much longer after that it all fell apart.
More distraught than ever before, the feelings hurt so bad She fell to the floor.
Always made her feel low and crazy all for one reason,keeping the baby.
Back in her life he made her feel wanted,but in reality it wasn't her he flaunted.
In and out as he pleased, knowing all along the relationship was diseased, wounded from the beginning, never time to heal, promised her the good life but that wasnt the deal.
Two kids and 9 years later here we sit furthest than ever, you were given multiple chances to make it better, she tryed to help you and you wouldn't let her.
You will always remember the life we had together, I hope every time you close your eyes you regret it forever.
Now she sees the abusive circle, she thanks the people above that she didn't come out of there purple.
Flashes back to that day, but deals with them as the come her way, who would have knew it brought her to pray.
Said thanks to all that helped her escape, who got her and the kids out before it was to late
Thanked fate for finally making things right, living the life she only could dream of at night.
Thanked her family for never giving up
watched her hurt fill like a measuring cup.
Now she is out, had a chance to realize ,life has way more to ofer, one big surprise
never was that fairytale Every girl dreams about , it was all lies,pain and dout.
The story is over now,the end
Sticking to her guns she will not bend
All for her kids,down to her very last breath,
If only he thought that way,but his love is with meth.
Once upon a time there was a girl full of laughter, maybe now she will get her happy ever after.

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This Poems Story

This poem is about an abusive relationship, from falling in love, living through the abuse and finding the courage to leave.