The Fall

Wind blowing, trees sway
The smell of the air brings back sweet memories
Falling back in time feelings of past lives
Reminiscent love of when you were mine
Even though I feel the chill you keep me warm beneath my skin
The wind whistling a tune that makes me sing of you
I close my eyes and inhale the smell of our October's fragrance
Out looking in no one can tell
That your love I've been missing Since the day of our creation
Beautiful colors that I see through my soul
Reminds me of the fall that I took long ago
Floating gently to ground wishing it was that simple
Head over hills is an understatement of my spirit
Dizzy, head spinning even though I stand still
Out the blue thoughts of you time doesn't stand It disappears
But only in October do I feel this way
Every year... same feeling
Only now I understand the meaning
Rushing through the Summer just to get to the fall
And even though its September I'm anticipating the call
To be able to smell the memories of our being
Truly in love... before... the fall

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