The fall

The air was crisp
and fresh as the sun set on the horizon
day twelve
I thought just one more night
Ill it's time to fall

Days were getting shorter and cooler
as I started to turn into a autumn leaf
and get carried off by the wind
as you start to shrivel up
and become narrow and tiny
you get a spurt of excitement in the air
what color will you be
where exactly where you fal
where will the wind take you
a forest
or yard filled with laughing children
the time was coming
tomorrow it would come
to slowly and gracefully float towards the ground
till the next swoop of wind comes
thought of this as I slowly drifted
off to sleep on my final night on my tree

When morning came I slowly let go to the tree branch where i grew
I look down to see
many shade of red and orange have overcome my
as I glide down
I say my last
To my home

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