The fall

By Jayke   

We made pacts at midnight, ones I knew we'd never keep.
The more i fawned and glamour zed the conversation began to take a scary turn.
A turn I've felt before but not as immense.

The fall.

I was hers and I knew she'd never be mine.

I stayed awake and thought dreams, in which this fantasy realized itself true.

But the facts I know, rip me apart inside, until nothing remains but one great dark void, from which nothing escapes, or is retained.

I feel drained now because, unlike her, my options are few, my decisions, no longer my own.

Looking into her eyes, for what must have equated to hours overall,
I saw the illusive beauty I will never have or hold.

Like sand through fingers, I know this is brief, and already so, I've clenched on tight and placed myself all in.

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