The Fall.

The wind sprinkles dust across a narrow windowsill, the curtains rustling about in the air, coming to a stop lightly pattering against the siding of an elegant but crude white house. A creak echoes lightly underneath the sound of leaves and shrubbery swaying in the malevolence as a door opens. Parting the grass peacefully amid the chirping of birds and the patter of life, and suddenly amid the chaos a small figure jumbles out into the meadows beyond, backpack in tow. It's head lifted beautifully amid the contrast of green and gray. Touching the leaves and berries lightly as it passes by joyfully, small scattered steps nearing the exit of the small paradise island of home, and onward it travels out into the street. Clumsily bobbing up and down from the sheerest excitement imaginable, the vague pointless happiness of youth.
The metallic sign gleams in the early sunlight, YIELD in large font painted over the sleepy faces of the neighborhood children. All of them, while tired a certain excitement shimmered in their eyes. A change of pace for the faces, but barely noticeable around the others. The children now see the yellow twinkle of light a split-second before a bus rounds the corner gracefully and stops in the same place it had parked for years. Gasoline snorkeling aloof the boarding passengers, and as the bus begins to accelerate a familiar face glistens in the drivers mirror, footsteps paddling down the pavement as fast as one this size could muster. As the child charges valiantly the noise of defeat blooms loudly away, becoming distant and dimmer until only a mutter could be heard among the white noise of the township.
"uuugh" a lone sigh in the breeze, barely escaping the small lips of a dissapointed minor. The worry that would later haunt his life foreshadows in the momentary relief of stress, and on the child wanders. Back towards his paradise island.

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"The Fall" is about that key point in adolescence that so many people fail to recognize, where the worry and anger and hopelessness of life is foreshadowed in the days of our youth.