The Fall

I sit upon my cliff, feet dangling above the sea.
The ocean, it does crash, waves splashing onto me.
The moonlight seems so bright, the gentle breeze so chill.
I hardly notice these things, just longing for your feel.
Will you come to join me, sit and hold my hand?
Lay your head upon me and make this evening grand?
I've been waiting here forever, sitting all alone.
You're probably nestled up inside your safe and cozy home.
The night's air grows so cold; the ocean it does call.
Without your hand to hold, so easily I could fall.
So if you come to gaze upon this solemn moonlit cliff,
Would you take notice of the spot where a lonely man did sit?
Wipe those tears from your eyes; there was nothing you could do.
You were cozy in your home while I was falling for you.

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