The Fall

winter fell upon us like the frost upon the lawn
slowly, gently, it hardened us
we saw the ice but not each other
as we forgot the seasons changed
how we forgot how we changed with them
we forgot.
then spring washed down in the pouring rain
your melting frost bloomed the flowers
as the ice melted you turned your head
and saw me for the first time in months
you became warm as the breeze
but I remained the same.
summer followed and crashed in heat waves
a breeze picked you up but I was grounded
I still felt heavy with the cold, burdened but empty
yet that summer began to fill me
with the tinglings of life
I reached out to find you'd flown away.
fall fell next, and fall is what I did
because when summer swept you away
you chose to forgot me again
but I knelt down in the back of your head
and you let me drop slowly as the leaves from the trees
until your memory was bare and I lay in pieces on the ground.

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