The Fall of King David

The Fall of King David

I saw him
Hunched over
A jar
Crown slowly slipping
From his head
His sword
Tucked away
Under his robe

his tongue dipped
Into the jar
And delicately tasted

His attention turned
To me for a moment
Before looking back
To the jar

His eyes widened
Saliva drooled from his lips
He took his pinky
Grazed the golden surface
And before I knew it
His whole hand
Was submerged
In honey
I stood there
In shock
As he devoured
The jar

His crown
Fell to the floor
Then shattered
To pieces

I tried to stop him
I swear I did
No fingers crossed
When I say
He pulled out his sword
Swore to kill me
If I stepped closer

A king no longer
Crouched before me
The sinful man
Dropped to the ground
And heaved

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