The Fallen Angel

She's misunderstood
Lost in the world
Heaven's gates were locked
And she was shunned in Hell's depths
She feels the pain being forced upon her
The pain of being the outcast
She feels the breaking of her heart
The jagged gash that will never heal
She feels the black of her soul
The corrupting black that was born in her
But mostly she feels the aching
The aching of wanting to fly off the cliff with broken wings
The aching to make a rope necklace
The aching to sleep underground
The aching to fade into the silent shadows of the night
This fallen angel feels the aching to die
And she's drowning without a soul to save her
No one to comfort her
No one to listen to her
No one to stitch up her wounds
No one to purify her soul
And no one who can relieve her aching
No one who can pull her out of the abyss
This fallen angel has no one
And the only thing to do is run towards death

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