The Fault Is Not In Our Stars

People want to see you fail; they don’t want to see you succeed
People would sell their souls, just to be on T.V.
They don’t love thy neighbors; they’re more likely to sleep with your wife
Oh what happened to people living the righteous life?

All People do is talk; they don’t know how to listen
Generosity and sincerity is what we seem to be missing
Nice guys finish last, and the corrupt make it to the top
When will all the hatred, ignorance and violence stop

People like to complain about oh so many things
Yet they continue to live their lives without doing anything
People have a sense of entitlement but no sense of appreciation
We’re fat, lazy and stupid, what has happened to us as a nation?

People hate how it is, but they’re so afraid of change
It boggle the mind how horrible people can be, it really is strange
Humanity makes me sick, they’ve lost my trust
The fault is not in our stars, the fault is within us

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