The Favorite Child

I am my own mind, It's Insane, I live the emphasis of realities pain.
This Isn't my mind, I'm that depressed, still I wear my smiling vest.
I live this way, as if nothing will keep, all I want to do Is sleep.
This heart inside, make It stop, I'll crush & see my vessels pop.
I'm not so loud, I scream until my vocal chords are torn & shot.
It's who i am, I know I'm able, I'll survive to spite your betrayal.
I see the love and all the hate, I see this homemade caliphate.
Yourself you've set to rule, despite you're being mentally cruel.
I pay the bills always on time, I gave you cash that all was mine.
Yet you threw It all away and kept the youngest there to stay.
We both know that you are wrong, So now to spite you I remain strong.
I'll keep this warmth of betrayal, you keep the check, stay disabled.
Let him give you all the drugs, Vodka filled In your beer mugs.
So lie In bed all day. The youngest will stay, send your eldest away.
Since the moment I've been alive, I've been applied and crucified.
No one In power hear my cries, I'd give It all to see you die.
Watch my face be filled with glee, as you look Inside of me
Don't care about the stigma granted, I want to see you burn with me.
As your mind becomes beguiled, you can thank your favorite child.

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