The Fear

I will go to school and get a job
pop out some babies and not be a slob
I will walk through the suburbs and know that I'm blessed
even though I'm emotionally repressed
and secretly socially inept.
But that's what I'll do-
subdue my strange attitude
and stop calling people"dude"
And I'll act a little rude, so you know I'm better than you
because I'm scared, just like you.
Scare of the images shown in the news
scared of children conceived in tubes
scared of the values, material blues
and scared of the talent drowned in booze.
Scared of the people who just want to lose
So if I don't try, maybe I won't lose.
I'm scared of the passive attitudes, too
the wars waged by nobody knows who
And I'm scared of the Chinese making my shoes
but mostly, I'm scared of my own ruse
the façade designed to fool me and therefore you
But just think!
Just think of the potentials and the truths we could breach!
The fear is what makes the future look bleak.

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