The Feather Fell

Drifting down through the air,
soft and light,
clean and bright,
the feather fell.

Down from the heavens,
down through
the clouds,
the feather fell.

Blown by a
tender wind,
down to earth,
the feather fell.

Hitting the
ground without
a sound,
the feather fell.

No one knew,
or even
noticed when
the feather fell.

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This Poems Story

Quite often in life, horrible events in one's life may occur and leave them feeling as though the world is going to end. It is important to remember that in the grand scheme of things, it doesn't matter. In this poem, a feather's greatest moment is plunging through the air to the ground, and while this is the pinnacle of the feather's "life", not one other creature on this earth even acknowledged that it fell, therefore, the feather's flight was insignificant, much like many events in one's life time.