The Feeling of Wholesome

I sit by the window and think
What a miracle that i can look out and blink!
I live my life with high expectations
Never do i review it with analyzation
I endlessly desire more and more
When will i be satisfied with what i had before?

My reasons i keep pushing aside
And my desires i continually abide
I look at others and want it all
When will i realize that that will be my fall?
I know i lack the feeling of satisfaction
How do i change to whole from feeling fraction?

God has given me health
So why to be happy do i need all the wealth?
My sorrow is not from the lack of spoils
It's due to the fact that i see myself not royal
There are others who have it worse
Compared to me they would look cursed

I have given it thought and concentration
It's now that i finally found my inspiration
I am so lucky for having life at at all
I am so happy for having found my call
Oh how happy is the feeling of satisfaction
The feeling of wholesome and not feeling fraction

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