The Feelings He Invokes in Me

I allowed myself to like him.
Maybe more.
I obviously meant nothing to him.
I shouldn't have listened,
When he said I was his everything.
I shouldn't have engaged in his perverted games.
I should have ran when I found out he was older.
I should have objected to being called his baby girl.
But I did it anyway.
I let him have control of me.
Thinking of him is enough to make me laugh and cry.
I'm slowly turning into a person I can't recognize.
Did I mention the butterflies?
Oh! How he makes them flutter.
And then everything stops.
He doesn't want to talk.
I don't want to make him mad so I don't bother him.
I'llxwait for hours thinking on a made up infidelity.
What makes it so much worse is we aren't even together.
I thought I meant something to him.
I was so wrong.
I'm just his summer fling.
The only thing stopping me from escaping
Is me.
I just can't leave.

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