The Feelings Seasons Give

Summer is the color orange so bright and so fun
Winter is the color blue so mysterious, work has to be done.
Fall is the color red beautiful leaves, leave the trees
And spring is the color yellow as the sun I believe.

The melody of summer plays a song like no other
Winter has a rhythm that makes you shiver under a cover.
Fall has a beat that makes the trees want to dance
And spring has a charm that makes blooming flowers prance.

My dear, sweet summer please come as fast as you went
Let winter fade away as if we hadn't met.
Oh fall you are so lovely and bring a light to my eye
And spring you bring happiness to my morning sky.

Fall, Summer, Winter, and Spring
All four of your seasons bring me everything.
The touch of your cold wind sends chill's down my back
And the kiss of your warms rays brings the hope that I lacked.
Fall your leaves change and fall everyday
And the rain from your clouds,
Spring they make the growing flowers sway.

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