The Ferryman

Can you hear the voices

That scream in the night

Do they haunt you like me

When the moment is right

Can you taste the remorse

That drips from their lips

Wishing they had done different

With the time they let slip

Can see how their angst

Does toil and tumble

Flows from their bellies

With a hunger filled rumble

Can the scene in their eyes

Fill your glass full of sadness

Can those tears that they cry

Drown you in madness

Can the memories they share

Fill you up to the brink

With the weight of regrets

That cause you to sink

Will the boat that you row

Through Hades abyss

Have the room in its hull

For those that persist

Reaching their hands

Past your oars, up the sides

Begging forgiveness

And seeking a ride

To be delivered from hell

On the ferry you steer

Through these uncharted waters

So teeming with fear

Will you be the one

To make their souls right

Deliver them from darkness

And back into light

The burden is yours

To carry so heavy

A task born by you

That no one dare to envy

So answer me this

Now their plight you do know

Do you still hear those voices

Through sleepy waters you row

Will you be the one

To save each lost soul

A be the one who will pay

The ferryman's toll

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