The Feverish Earth.

Sweltering heat, vicious fires,
Scalding breath of the greencoloured monster.
Thawed glaciers, shrunken bergs,

The bountiful harvest of criminal emissions and deforestation.

Watch the footprints! Perfectly shaped on the banks of the ocean.
They are deep-sunken, shapely, yet full of carbon.
Near not the ocean! She is cold, yet warm.
Alluring, yet acidic.
Not pregnant, yet pot-bellied from being overfed
With gas and melting liquid.
The Earth is feverish.
The feedback loop, scary.
Clog the smoky holes.
Let the forests live.
Perhaps, if the Earth is not hapless
She will not pass

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This Poems Story

The inspiration behind this poem originates from my sadness over the menace of climate change or global warming. Thus, this poem probes into the causes, dangers of global warming and possible solutions thereto.