The Fifty Blues

Fifty starts a time of thinking
of a half a century of life,
reminiscing those times that were prosperous
and to expedite those of blight.

Of course, being fifty, i can’t hardly relate to,
i know it’s not too early but it’s never too late to...
finish what was started or to start something new,
passing up all the departed that have given up too soon.

keeping life young, not growing too old
in your mind of course, not in your bones.

being hip to the situations that people rearrange,
the rapid conditions that constantly change.

the pace may be quicker and nothing like before.
just keep one step in front of yourself
no longer shall life be a chore.

forget all about what span there’s left
or reflecting too far back,
for some don’t even get the chance to live
half as long as that.

live each day as an immortal,
with no ending or finish in sight.
do whatever comes along,
do your life up right!

Through all your years, plus fifty more...
who cares how old a person is,
love on... live on... some more!

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    This Poems Story

    A poem written for my father on his 50th birthday.