The fight

She was almost 9 months pregnant
Dead on her feet
Taking care of the kids
Making sure that they eat.

He comes home drunk
Slams you into the wall
The kids are all sleeping
All you can do is bawl

You want to get away
But your kids are all asleep
You sit in the living room alone
Realising your in so deep.

You go to call the cops
You tell them to hurry up
He grabs your phone from your hand
And tells you to get up.

You stand up scared
Shaking at the knees
Afraid that he might hit you
But instead he just leaves.

He walks to the door
Breaks all the glass
Tells you your a horrible person
And a huge pain in the ass

Tells you your not worth it
Hes happier on his own
Walks out the droor drunk and stumbeling
Your thankful your now alone

You get your babies up
You start to head out the door
As soon as you hit the porch
You see him cuffed on the floor.

You take your babies to the car
Their staring in fear
How can you explain this to them
About a man who "loved them dear"

You go back to him 3 days later
He swears it will all change
You know deep down it will for a while
Then again all be the same.

Now almost 5 years later he has control
Of you and your whole life
You should have left
You should have got out
You should have known that second you had your very first doubt.

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This Poems Story

I was so pregnant at this time. I was emotional, secluded from my family by him. I had no one. This was the one point in my life where I considered taking my own life.... But I couldn't leave my daughters.