The Final Breath Of BabyDoll

Babydoll once was radiant, smiles streaming across her face
Until the day came darkness consumed silencing her words
A voice once everyone enjoyed to listen, her laugh made a day of pain became sunshine with the mist of rain brush against their cheeks
The moment others wanted to see her fault, spreading lies to the ones so close to her the truth became silent without lips
To form the expressions, she was pushed, forced to withhold,
Not speaking while thoughts of what it will feel at this moment to know the meaning of numb
Floating beyond the silver lining clouds
Reaching, touching the tips of the stars shining so bright your eyes lost in the beauty forgetting how pain was ugly
Not wanting to look back, scared of falling into the moments of tears
Watching the endless sea never ending
As life is to be filled with love to share with that special someone
Dreams created for us to imagine what is suppose to be
Glancing past a stranger or your best friend
kindness shows in every direction with calm, sincere,
purity reveals itself
Not lurking in shadows scared to have a voice because of replies others may say to hurt, bring tears, unworthiness
That is so untrue but they refuse to hear
Please let me continue drifting away
So far I forgot what was even my name
To a place you no longer need to breathe
Someday a name may be remembered
And that was, Babydoll once was her name

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