the fire

The Fire

The sun is so bright in the sky
But the fire within is so much stronger
I know it burns and I know it will hurt
But I think I’m ready
I think I’m ready for the pain
I suppose people call it a painful pleasure
People tell me it's too bright
Too strong
Too dangerous
Too loud
But I keep laughing and keep smiling
Because I feel it
The energy within that that the fire brings
Everyone just keeps hiding
Hiding from danger?
No hiding from hardship
From pain
But what they don't see is
With pain comes relief
With fear comes defeat
With danger comes strength
Or is what they're really afraid of the price
Ah, yes it's true nothing is free in this world
The cost: endurance
Hanging on despite your fingers are slipping
And, when it looks like you’re done
Help will always come
Darling, I know
I know the salt of your tears are stinging
The feel of isolation is scary
But stop closing your eyes
When you open them I promise
Please believe me, I beg
He will be there.
"I will come to you" he said.
Then. Now. Forever.

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