The fire in her heart

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The Metamorphic Diaries
Unbar the cage-the cage of limitations
Give her opportunities to try
and she will show you that she knows much more than just how to fry

Save her from drowning in the pool of confinement.
Give her a place to stand
and she shall move the entire land

Let her moult and shed the cocoon Don’t just kill her in the womb.
For she is the yarn; sober and strong,
that spins the fabric for the society to build upon

Yet, we cover her in the quilt of apprehension.
How ironic it is? We destroy the creator of the universe.
The same heart-throb of the society
who gives rise to heroes who turn mighty.

What is it that she cannot be?
She’s not just a homemaker who can make tea.
A doctor, an engineer, a singer, a wife
possessing qualities that cut through the fences of the society like a sharp knife.

Even with wrinkles on her face,
she comforts her son
who comes back home from the world of a competitive race.

Quick as the wind
Calm as the ocean
Soft as a fluffy fur
And yet stronger than the bars of the cage that confine her.

Don’t extinguish the fire in her heart.
Don’t extinguish the desire.

Uncap the bottle.
Let her fizz come out
Don’t let it rest
Let the showers of happiness spread!

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