The first and last meet

That face i exclaimed !!
Yes exactly that face,
Wherever i turned it pictured
just like other nightmares
her face was beating me out of me, yet she was pretty.
Searching over the years
she was a dream for me
just like a top grad
who wants to get in harvard.
In the rime of winters spray
she was the fire to me,
In the dreading summer
she was the shade to me.
In a world of full of competitors
she was an inspiration to me.
Her laugh on first meeting
Was like the spring rolling over winter
and she just captured all my dream,
But she was on one side
and being on the other side
she pierced into my heart
Once again through her luscious eyes.
Beauty when described
she comes first
and was the last of mine,
All through the century
of bare history where life
was ozymandias roaring loud
with a blank history of glory.

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