The First Day

The room is quiet but for the beep of machines,
My senses are awake and very keen.

Anticipation is mounting with each contraction,
A new life is coming; my body takes action.

The pain is intense my head starts to reel,
I close my eyes; it is too much to feel.

Things are moving so fast, I feel a bit hazy,
The machines, they are beeping like crazy.

With determination, I clamp down my teeth,
My arms and my legs are shaking beneath.

Contractions are coming stronger than before,
The urge to push hits me once more.

This is it; I can feel it, down the home stretch,
The doctor is poised and ready for the catch.

My body is reacting to words, "final push."
I see the head, shoulders, and finally the tush.

There she is in all of her glory,
Today marks the beginning of her life story.

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