The first kiss

After a term of long distance relationship.
The day you just arrived from Paris.
I felt that I was the happiest .
When you came running throwing your arms around me.
It felt like love struck me.
Outside the airport.
Under the cherry blossom tree.
We were not able to restrain ourselves .
As our lips were few inches away.
When you filled the gap .
And made the first move.
Pulling me closer as our eyes closed.
There was no sound.
Only the sound of our hearts racing up and down.
It was such a heavenly feeling.
Like we were in the middle of the sky with fairies singing around
Suddenly the rain came down in giant drops as if a celestial damn had bursted
We got drenched but did not even realise that
When the kiss ended we looked at each other's eyes
And got drowned in the ocean of happiness.
At that moment I realized that I will accompany you till the end of sky

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