The First Long Glance

There is magic in that first long glance - I saw it in your eyes.
They smile in the most pleasant way that no one could disguise.
There is a fracture in the ice that makes us mere acquaintance.
The once calm beating of my heart now an erratic cadence.
Now could it be? Could it be love - a thing of perfect beauty.
A lost excitement and wonder is overflowing through me.
Like the crocus blooming in the snow, a sign of coming thaw.
A vibrant restoration - that will rebuild me from my fall.
The cold of isolation - the hardness of the wall.
A blessed door has opened leading from this darkened hall.
Of dreadful human loneliness - answered in silence by none.
Rejection and lies - the damage that someone else out there has done.
A wounded heart - pierced through and through by hatred and despair.
The crying times shall soon be past - a change is in the air.
From the glance that you just gave me - I can tell you see it too.
A welcomed feeling from deep within - no more loneliness for you.
Our lives are now forever changed - what will the future hold?
I have nothing - you have my heart - please treat it like pure gold.

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