The First Time

The first time I said I loved you, silence greeted me in your stead.
I closed my lips and kept my thoughts locked inside my head.
The time had come for me go and to let you fly.
So, I packed my things and tried to let my feelings die.

Time marched on as it is said to do.
Life moved on and I tried to forget about you.
But like an arrow you were lodged in my head and heart,
I wished things were different, I wished we weren't apart.

Life is cruel but life is also kind.
Things had gotten bad and at last I had made up my mind.
I came back to that place where I was so long ago.
That place where I had left you; that's where I needed to go.

I found you there and saw that you had changed.
One look into your eyes and I no longer felt estranged.
At once I knew I was right where I belonged;
I knew that the inevitable could not be prolonged.

You looked into my eyes and you said "I love you".
I said "I love you too" and your smile said "I always knew."
Finally, I was where I belonged, finally I had piece of mind.
My heart and head were whole again for the first time.

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