The Fisherman and His Life


it was due to overwhelming melancholy
the fisherman walked down to the river
for a temporary rest

Perhaps, it was because the reeds
saw the footprints of the fisherman
seagulls made decision
to fly away from
the noisy and madding crowd

Someone recalled the life underwater
was like fish’s murmurs
vague and ephemeral;
someone also recalled
the life of the fisherman -
fishing all day,
packing up the net,
walking along the river,
with rocks behind the reeds

Someone believed,
that the reeds overheard the conversation
but words were obscure
like sand grains
mixed with bubbles of tide waves

Perhaps, it was due to the wind,
the reeds never heard
what fisherman said
it was because the fishing net
blocked the view
the reeds did not see
what really happened
to the fisherman
and his life

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