The Fisherman’s Friend

Why are fishermen so superstitious?
Why do they believe the lore?
The crazy stories they all tell,
Are becoming quite the bore.
Could a fish really get that big?
Could it grow to be bigger than you?
Maybe, I don't know,
But those fishermen certainly do.

I bet they have been through a lot,
Living out there at sea.
When you're surrounded by nothing by water,
It's a wonder just what you'll see.
Because deep down below,
We all know something is hiding.
But we all choose to ignore it,
While the fishermen patiently wait.
They wait for their chance,
To catch and slay the beast.
Maybe then we'll believe them,
Maybe then they'll be at peace.

Because fishermen are the best at waiting,
they practice for years on end.
Fisherman make up stories and creatures,
Just to make a friend.

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