The Five Meanings of Love

Love is an emotion that we care to share or even bare.
Love is the sole reason why we even dare to try
and stare into another's eyes.
What a surprise!
Such a feeling I've been blessed
by the hands of a young saint
so soft, delicate and quaint.
When you touch me I ain't one to complain.
You're the only one I want to obtain
every day, every night,
through pouring rain or sunshine
you are mine, all the time.
Know that I care.
It's just hard to share
the way I wear my affection
it's like a collection composed of three elements--
restlessness acts of my service,
words full of meaningful eloquence,
and gifts to you full of excellence.
Please don't be senseless or agitated
that my love is shown by
being there to dry your eyes,
give you my advice,
grant you a device,
prepare you chicken fried rice,
because it's all for the same price--
to see you in delight.

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This Poems Story

I'm a honest, caring girl with a huge heart. I'm a senior in Devine, Texas, who strives to become a math teacher. My family supports me in everything I do, so this opportunity wouldn't be available without my loving mother and brothers' encouragement to never give up throughout all of my hard work put into this poem. Nowadays, some individuals can forget that there are different ways to show love for someone or something, therefore, this poem was inspired to act as a reminder that love can be expressed through touch, time, service acts, words, and gifts.