The Fixer

I am the fixer.

I'm the happy 'go lucky' person to brighten your day
I'm the friend who sits with you when you're sad,
tells you "It'll get better! Don't you worry!".
I'm the man, who notices your flame is dimming
and uses his own wood to rekindle your flame.
I am the structured, upright person you see in
the halls at school, chin high, scary looking,
but very lovable.
I am the person who runs to your side, when
you're broken, when you're sad, when you've
hit rock bottom.
I am everyone's Batman, Superman, Spider-Man,
I fix your broken mask, so you don't have to wear
one anymore.

I'm really the broken one.
With a thousands masks for everyday.
I'm the sad one.
I sit at home crying, looking for my savior,
wondering when I will be happy again,
wondering when I will be Will again

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