The Flag

Desecrate the flag? Well go ahead my son
It has only been protected by the battles that we won,
Go ahead and burn it, throw it to the ground
When you do, remember, America starts down.

Can't you see the bloodstains; now covered with its red?
Don't you see the freedom's blue, flying overhead?
The sparkle of the star is the peace within your eye,
Put there by a soldier who went to fight and die.

Go ahead and rip it, soil it if you dare,
Then stand before this country and feel the scornful glare.
Yes, you can desecrate Old Glory on any street in town,
But before you do, remember, America starts down.

Some say it's just a symbol of the land where we live free,
But it is more than just symbolic if you know its history.
Go ahead and desecrate for most of us have found,
America gets stronger as America starts down!

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